The First One

imageWelcome! Thought it might not be a bad idea to go ahead and get SOMETHING up so that when you absolutely fall in love with my next post and are frantic because you need more, you’ll be able to find this one and ease your alabamaginger withdrawals a bit. (Too much? Wishful thinking? I say aim high!)

This post is basically a recap of what you’ll find on the About page with a wee more detail and focused a little more on my life and what I hope to build here.

I’m typically an over-the-top organizer when I actually take the time to sit down and do it (just ask the hubs who refuses to let me make a grocery list because by the time I get done putting my needed items in order by location with tallies for amounts needed, etc. I’ve gotten over the itch to go to the store in the first place and moved on to reading a book…). But for this I’ve decided to take a more relaxed approach and just do whatever comes easy. No self-induced publishing deadlines, no neatly organized buckets to sort these posts into. I will TRY to avoid putting anything into a spreadsheet (Nerd alert! Can’t help it…). And if you’re a grammar freak, heads up. I will more than likely use something incorrectly and not care enough to fix it. Just sayin.

In broad terms, you’re gonna see stuff about….

PROJECTS: Our attempts at refinishing furniture, re-purposing items, salvaging old stuff, building new stuff, before and afters, etc. IMG_3890[1]

TRAVEL: With three littles and two full-time jobs, we don’t get to travel much. But when we do we try to make it memorable (even those one-day trips to Gulf State Park. Hey…five gingers + sunshine reflecting off sand and water…one day is sometimes more than enough!). We hope to do more traveling in the future now that I’m in a position where being out for a day doesn’t require two days of overtime beforehand. Bring on the “are we there yets”!

LIFE: Yep, this is my lazy attempt at giving a name to EVERYTHING ELSE. I know I can’t possibly be the only one out there that sometimes stops to look for the hidden camera during the knock-out, throw-down temper tantrum the four year old is having in the middle of the busy parking lot while the nine year old is practicing his newly created hip-hop moves instead of noticing the car that’s trying to get past him at the same time that the seven year old is jawing and trying to get some punches in because his older brother accidentally hit him during aforementioned dance move practice. There’s got to be a camera somewhere because SURELY I’m on Candid Camera and somebody’s about to jump out and let me know that each kid was bribed with ice cream as a prize for the one that could get me to crack first. Right?? You know what I’m talking about. LIFE. Crazy, wonderful, challenging, entertaining life. IMG_3894[1]

I plan on writing about it. Hope you enjoy it.




2 thoughts on “The First One

    1. Thanks, Stevo! They should probably have a platform for those of us who just want to write and hit publish because the rest of these options are slightly daunting…. We’ll see what happens! Thanks for reading!


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