SQUIRREL! unfinished projects

When I posted a few months ago about making a conscious effort to stop overcommitting and find more time to just BE, I didn’t intend to go all MIA, but here we are a couple of months later. Oops. In my defense, I’m not a natural writer so it’s impossible for me to do this unless I seclude myself in the bedroom and forbid interruptions (and you can guess about how well that works….). I legit have at least 4 posts that have been drafted up on lunch breaks only to sit and chill until the next time I’m inspired enough to skip a lunch and work on them. Since nothing’s actually COMPLETE, I thought it only appropriate to give a little update on some of the projects you may have read about in earlier posts and drop some teasers about things that maybe one day might possibly (if I get off my tail and work on them) get finished. 

1920’s Dining Room Table

So….remember that very first project I started (the whole reason Alabama Ginger was birthed)? There are several posts about refinishing the table and chairs, all the layers of fabric from the cushions, even a post on how NOT to do things (yep, there were that many mistakes). It seems I’ve got an embarrassing confession to make. It never got done. That’s right. The last post where I said it was finished and the next time you saw it would be the big reveal? A lie. I know, I know. Everything on the internet is supposed to be 100% true. Blah, blah, blah.

What happened you may ask? Well, hubs REALLY DID lovingly sand it back down after I jacked up the finish (remember the stain vs. glaze fiasco?) and even went as far as to spray it with paint (I’d been using a brush for better coverage but I totally wasn’t going to complain when he was the one doing the work). He also put a coat of spray poly on it. The problem? Well, the can of poly ran out about half way through the first coat. And, in the typical way of things, we never remembered to pick any more up at the store and finish it. And then after a few weeks of the table just chilling in the garage, we noticed it starting to turn yellow (you guessed it, UV reaction from the poly). And on top of THAT, we’d ended up with so many layers of “mistakes” that the last sanding apparently didn’t get all the wax off and the paint wasn’t bonded. My fellow Reds and Caspers will understand this analogy, but you could basically peel it off like sheets of skin after that really bad sunburn (which kind of felt good; the peeling part, not the burn).

Y’all, I just didn’t have it in me to start all over (again). And every time I’d almost scrape up the energy, I’d go out there and look at all the accumulated junk that would have to be cleared off first and change my mind again (everybody’s familiar with the Flat Surface Phenomenon, right?).

So anyways, here’s the table. In a fit of true laziness, I’m thinking about changing direction and chalk painting it so I can skip the 14th million sanding episode. And I utterly don’t care that the chairs won’t exactly match.


Master Bedroom Makeover

I think I may have mentioned our woes when it comes to picking out paint colors and accessories, right. We’ve learned that some things are better off left alone. But after 5 years in our house, we finally decided to take a stab at redoing our bedroom on the cheap. It’s gone from a darker blue (that was actually really pretty but had a bunch of dings and fixes needed and no matching paint to be found) to a light grey (gray?). We’re down to picking curtains and a curtain rod we both agree on (who would’ve thought THAT would be so hard) and finding a picture of a room we like so that we can copy its finishing touches (is that not how everybody does it??) but I’m really excited about this one! Here’s a sneak peek.


(About ^^ THAT ^^. I obviously had every intention of inserting a picture of the bedroom makeover here. What happened? The same thing that happens EVERY.TIME I try to write a post. The pics are somewhere else. Maybe on a jump drive I left at the office. Maybe on the laptop that died a few months ago. Maybe on hub’s phone. I have no idea. I seriously need to learn how to use that cloud thingy. What is it? Google pics or something? Ugh, tech stuff.)

The Outdoor Space

When the massive oak was cut down last spring, we obviously lost a LOT of shade in our backyard. This meant an increase in the power bill (or as we sometimes refer to it in the south, the Light Bill) and nowhere for the dogs to go to beat the heat. We priced out having a legit covered patio built, but then had the BRILLIANT *heavy sarcasm* idea to stick a roof on the existing arbor that was already there.

This all should’ve worked in theory. And I guess it’s not really what we’ve done that prevents me from writing this one up just yet as much as what the dogs have UNdone. Did I mention we adopted a couple of puppies last spring to keep Chloe company in her last days (Chloe was our sweet black lab just in case any of you were picturing an old Great Aunt Chloe stuck outside in a rocker in the non oak tree shaded yard 24 hrs a day)? Well, we did. And they’re DESTROYERS. No exaggerating (we’re currently awaiting 3 new back windows to replace the ones they cracked playing kamikaze billy goats). I had no idea. None.


But one day I’ll buy new cushions, and create new bottoms for the chairs to put said cushions on, and replace the patio fairy lights that no longer receive electricity since a 12 inch section of their cord was digested by previously mentioned destroyers, and we’ll fill in the gopher turtle sized craters they’ve dug in the yard and plant more grass to try to prevent the 3 inch thick layer of dirt that’s constantly covering everything and hopefully snap a fast pic before they redig their earth beds and…. this post might not actually happen the more I think about it.

The Doghouse

In anticipation of getting a puppy to keep our old dog company (and yes, it was originally a single puppy – long story), hubs decided we needed a bigger doghouse so that they could share (and apparently he wasn’t having any of the pre-built plastic ones at Wally World). Since he’s become such an avid wood worker lately, he decided not to follow a plan and just wing it. This thing even has a removable roof so that it can be cleaned out more easily. Because everybody regularly cleans their doghouses, right?



So what killed the momentum of this project? The roof. Not the actual building of it, but the finishing. He wants to do a shingled roof which is all fine and dandy except that he doesn’t want to buy a full roll of felt or pallet of shingles (hallelujah) and keeps forgetting to snag some old stuff from a recently re-roofed house. To draw out the project further, the doghouse got stuck in the back yard As-Is several months ago, gets used daily, and it rains every time we happen to remember that we never quite finished it. Meh, I don’t hear the pups complaining.

Let’s Go CAMPING!!

We bought an almost 20 year old camper a few months ago and it’s either going to end up being the best idea ever or the biggest waste of money. Verdict’s still out. As someone that grew up spending family vacations tent camping and thinking we’d hit it big because our tent had TWO rooms (aka – the middle fabric flap), I’m not sure what to think of staying in an actual camper. I mean, beds, potty, fridge, shower: AWESOME. Potential mold in the wall from old leaks, propane for stove and fridge with possibly sketchy hookups, no clue how all the water systems work (blue, green, GREY?!): NOT AWESOME. With a tent you’ve got poles and canvas and if you get fancy a screened porch area. Yes, there’s a manual for the camper, but I think I’d feel better if we took it to an RV place and had somebody walk me through the basics (not that I don’t trust the hubs but I like to KNOW these things. I’m obnoxious to live with, I’m sure).

The OTHER part of this camper adventure is the makeover we’ve been slowly giving it. New floors, painting over the shimmery, water-colored paneling (WHY don’t they make them a solid color??), trying my hand at chalkpaint for the first time on the cabinets, etc. LOTS to recap with this one. If it ever gets finished enough to recap that is…Here’s a pic of the day hubs brought it home. Got the sheets in the bargain too! (um…)


Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers? What’s….OH, right. The status update here is that I’m pretty sure $20 a month is still being charged to my account for the use of the app (which may or may not still be on my phone…who knows) and I’m up 5 pounds. Still enjoying Mountain Dews and cheese fries. Good times, good times.

Kitchen Redo

Guess what?? Hubs decided he REALLY wants to redecorate the kitchen over Christmas Break. What’s wrong with it you may ask? Maybe a few crooked cabinet doors I suppose. And he no longer likes the color of the cabinets he painted about 4 years ago. Oh! And apparently the 12 x 12 tile is SO not the thing anymore. Okkkaaayy. Why not?! Let’s go for it. It’ll only cost us some paint, elbow grease, and our sanity. Stay tuned!

Red Learns to Drive a Jeep

I’m stating this in the positive. I WILL learn. I’m not trying; I’m learning. Albeit a little slowly. And stressfully. I’m now convinced that I’m the last living soul on the face of this planet who DOESN’T know how to drive a vehicle with a manual transmission. I think my teacher may have quit though; he’s basically offering to pay people to teach me now. Whatevs – can’t be perfect at EVERYthing, right???

Award for best birthday present giver ever goes to The Hubs.



So there you have it. If I’d stop being so ADD with my projects, I might actually get one done. But where would the fun be in that??

Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah my friends! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.

Until next time,



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