Trying to come up with an organized and witty summary of what this site is all “About” ranks right up there with me trying to keep the house “visitor-ready” at all times. NOT.GONNA.HAPPEN. I hope this helps set your expectations at a much more reasonable level.

But for realz, what kind of stuff will get posted to alabamaginger.com? ANYTHING.

I’m the matriarch to a family of five gingers. I work full-time, am a licensed CPA in the state of Alabama, have three young kiddos, dabble in refinishing and salvaging, hope to start traveling soon, love to eat (particularly bread), rock out whenever I get a chance to anything with a melody, and believe that being outside is the best therapy.

Sooo….grammatically incorrect posts about a myriad of topics. Whatever is relevant to me at the time. And I hope you’ll enjoy them! If nothing else, you can get a good laugh out of it.


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