Muscles or Mtn Dew?

Let me start off by saying that I realize I am not morbidly obese. Some girls would starve themselves before they let their gut look like mine but others are probably calling me “that skinny bitch” (sorry mom, language, I know). This is not a post about how our bodies compare with each other or “the norm”. It’s more about those times when we get unhappy with the way we look and the difficulties of doing anything about it. Just wanted to clear that up. Continue reading

When You’re Too Cheap for Custom Curtains

I’ve gotta be honest. Curtains are one of those things that aren’t a huge priority in our house. In fact, we probably went 2 or 3 years before buying the first set for our current home. And to this day, only one of the bedrooms has them up and they happen to be cheap target ones that are a solid foot off the ground (it’s a kid’s room, cut me some slack). It’s not that I don’t like curtains. I do. And I’m well aware of how well they finish off a room. But here are some of my issues with them: Continue reading