Gingers in New York – Part 2

For months I’d been planning to take the hubs on a surprise trip to NYC for our anniversary and the time had finally arrived. Since getting away without the kiddos often means shorter trips, I was bound and determined to cram as much as possible into three days. And by three days I mean fly in on Friday and out on Sunday. So basically we had one full day. We got this, Saturday. No pressure. Continue reading

Gingers in New York – Part 1

To celebrate our 14th anniversary, I decided to put a tiny little getaway together. During planning, the trip managed to go from an overnighter in Savannah to a weekend in Manhattan at the Lotte New York Palace, but hey, when these things start escalating, sometimes you just gotta tuck and roll. It’s FOR THE MARRIAGE, right?! Continue reading

Solo in Seattle – Best Laid Plans….

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Everett, Washington (about 40 miles north of Seattle) for a work conference. I’m not an experienced traveler by any means and I’d NEVER traveled alone before. What exactly does one do all the way across the country slap by themselves? Can a woman eat at a nice restaurant alone without looking like an escort waiting for her next client (hub’s words, not mine)? Should I just plan on 4 nights of room service and watching hotel television? McDonald’s value meals in my rental car?! Continue reading

Bama to Seattle: My First Attempt at Traveling Alone

How I made it to 29+ without ever having to travel by myself is a good question. But there I was, signed up for a work conference located about as far away from Alabama as you can get in the continental US: Everett, Washington, roughly 40 minutes north of Seattle. After briefly considering taking the hubs along, we decided that it was time for me to put on my big girl panties and figure out how to travel on my own (that know, asking the parents to watch the kiddos again, cost of the extra airfare, etc.). Continue reading

Diary of a Slope Struggler (aka: The Gingers Attempt to Ski)

Eight days, no kids, beautiful snow-covered Colorado mountains. Best.Vacation.Ever. Those were the thoughts running through our minds as we coordinated child care, made reservations and booked our flights, anyway. How hard could the skiing part actually be? I’d already dug through hundreds of websites instructing me on how to layer my clothes, how to go faster, turn, stop, etc. I even watched a video on how to properly get up after a fall (although I assumed I wouldn’t need it because professionals don’t fall. And really, wouldn’t you just….stand up? Might not have paid enough attention to that one….) So between September when we started planning the trip and late January when we finally went, we’d hyped ourselves up for the most blissful, relaxing, memory-making eight days of our lives. You know how it goes….best laid plans and all… Continue reading