Mountain Dews are HOW Many Points??! #weightwatcherfailing

If anybody remembers the Muscles or Mtn Dew? post, you know that my desire to get back in shape is a teensy bit less than my desire to eat whatever the heck I want. I love food. I REALLY LOVE food. Unfortunately I also love comfy clothes and lounging around doing nothing. Know what those things together equal? The perfect combination for packing on some extra insulation. Continue reading

Muscles or Mtn Dew?

Let me start off by saying that I realize I am not morbidly obese. Some girls would starve themselves before they let their gut look like mine but others are probably calling me “that skinny bitch” (sorry mom, language, I know). This is not a post about how our bodies compare with each other or “the norm”. It’s more about those times when we get unhappy with the way we look and the difficulties of doing anything about it. Just wanted to clear that up. Continue reading