1920’s Dining Room Table – Part 1

Everybody’s got to start somewhere, right? If I was using better judgement I might have picked ONE chair to refinish instead of six chairs and a dining room table. But when a friend is moving and has a beautifully crafted 1920’s set and needs to quickly find it a new place to live, you say BRING IT ON (that and it was free and came with no expectations – I mean, WINNING). And there’s a little instruction manual for EVERYTHING called The Internet.¬†All I’ve got to do is look up how to do it, right? Can’t be too hard…(stop laughing). Continue reading

The First One

imageWelcome! Thought it might not be a bad idea to go ahead and get SOMETHING up so that when you absolutely fall in love with my next post and are frantic because you need more, you’ll be able to find this one and ease your alabamaginger withdrawals a bit. (Too much? Wishful thinking? I say aim high!) Continue reading